Better Than Ever

By September 24, 2021Education

As we settle into the new school year at Seeds of Hope, our preschool is having its best year yet thanks to a recently completed construction project.

Adding a room to the preschool is a dream come true,” said Janet Hatter, the preschool principal at Seeds of Hope. In order to comply with local licensing requirements, Janet knew that we either needed to add a room to the preschool space or reduce the number of children in our preschool.

Janet (far left) poses with some of her teachers and students in the new preschool space.

“We can’t give up our kids and tell them there is no space. That would be the saddest news ever,” Janet reflected. Fortunately, some unexpected funding came through, and when it did, we couldn’t wait to get the project started!

Not only does this expansion keep us from having to turn away any of our students, but it also doubles the size of our preschool space and allows room for group activities. In the past, there was no indoor space big enough for large activities. With the year-round heat in Jericho, we often had to change plans or cancel activities. Now, we have the perfect indoor, air-conditioned space for our preschoolers to enjoy.

“They can play, walk, run, and dance freely. The space is amazing, and it gives our children the freedom to move around,” said Janet. “Now we can do more activities and have more fun.”

Seeing my kids walking around and having fun while doing activities and playing games is awesome!”

–Rula Abu Saleem, Seeds of Hope Preschool Teacher


Preschoolers and their teachers gather for a large activity that wouldn’t have been possible without our new expansion.

And it’s not just the students who are feeling free. “I can see how happy the teachers are,” said Seeds of Hope CEO Khader Ghanim. “It’s like they can breathe again.” As you can imagine, managing over thirty preschoolers in a small space with very little room for running around has been a challenge for our staff as well. But our dedicated team has always found a way to make it work. Now, they are excited to create even more experiences for our students. With opportunities for more interactive learning and hands-on activities, this space is making our one-of-a-kind preschool even more incredible.

As we continue to dream of our long-term plans for our school and educational space, steps like these ensure we can continue to welcome as many children as possible in the meantime. We’re so grateful for our church partners and the ongoing support of so many generous families, organizations, and individuals. Thanks to you, we’ve continued to grow and invest in our students as we remain committed to lasting, generational change in the Middle East and beyond.