Values for a Lifetime

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When you were a kid, all the little things mattered: the place you lost your first tooth, the funny song you once memorized, or the chocolate treat you always packed in your lunchbox.

Young kids are influenced by everything around them. At Seeds of Hope, we have used this opportunity to establish ourselves as leaders and shape our curriculum around the core values that embrace positive growth and a loving culture.

“Love is mostly expressed in kindness and giving (serving and helping). We also focus on two other main values of respect and perseverance,” Simon Shaheen, the Director of Seeds of Hope’s Cultural Center.

Core Values: Respect, Kindness, Giving

As you walk through the doors, Seeds of Hope’s contagiously loving atmosphere is always present. Whether a student is a part of our daily classroom, after-school program or cultural center, the values of respect, kindness and giving are always being reflected.

Jessica Hattar, the Director of Seeds of Hope’s Education, agrees. “I would have to say that the main three values are wisdom, love, and respect, among many others, of course. We also teach about courage, individuality, helping each other and friendship,” Hattar said.

Our Staff is Specially Trained

In the local schools of Jericho, children are often left to resolve their own issues without supervision or proper conflict resolution taught by the adults around them. As we encourage our staff to reflect the values of respect, kindness and giving, we have watched the students begin to understand and imitate these principles as well.

Working as a team, our volunteers play a big role in teaching our CORE Curriculum while the teachers help the kids develop these values each day moving forward.

“As for the Cultural Center, we focus on love and its expressions,” Shaheen said.

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#5: Provides Basic Necessities.

What are your core values?

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